A story, a career

A vocation

in a few words…

She will tell you that she likes to brighten up people and life, that subtle perfumes makes her fly away, that she feels at peace in stylish and well-groomed ambiances, for her life is better when it aims towards perfection. Some has seen her operates as a spa manager in Egypt, some on the French Riviera or in Courchevel in private chalets where Kings, Queens, business men and other international personalities were seduced by the excellence of her massages and her outstanding facial treatments. When one of her client offers her to become his private beauty therapist and masseuse, Muriel devoted herself during few years and accompagny him through his journeys. In his praises, the discret Muriel will answer that for each client, each season, each life moment is simply matching to a unique treatment, a precise essential oil and an adapted technique, learned throughout different training all over the world. The reality goes well beyond. Muriel Berna enhance the art of massage and under her delicate hands, her natural magnetism rebalance the energy and the flow of the beautiful souls that she mets. Her love of beauty gives her an incredible skill to reveal the beauty of each soul at the will of a simple beauty procedure, a face or body treatment. Escape under the hands of Muriel feels like living a sensorial get away and lost track of time.