At your door Yoga class

At your door

Yoga class

If massages and body treatments are perfect to clear your mind and unwind, yoga is perfect for mentally letting things go, physically tone up your muscular system harmoniously and find a true awareness of your own body. The anti-aging effect, the endocrine and digesting system stimulation and the mental and physical benefits of Yoga will provide you an overall solution to « The art of living in a balanced and healthy way for yourself and the others ». Firmly convinced of the benefits of this ancestral discipline, Muriel graduated of the RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200) affiliate by the Yoga Alliance, gives at your home Yoga classes on the French Riviera 06 and Monaco 98. Her classes is open to all: From beginners to advanced as well as the youngest or the oldest, in total privacy in the place of your choice.


Muriel has followed a Hatha Yoga education (static postures maintained) but also proposes Vinyasa flow (dynamique sequence of postures). Her « at your door » classes is structured around a pic pose and on a more or less pace. Each class is unique, perfectly designed to answer specific needs and offer infinites variations. Develop your back flexibility, work on your hips opening, build up stength on your legs, reinforce your core, work on your balance or coordination, treat yourself with a detox session…

And for the most « connected » souls, Muriel will elaborate your class around a theme like heart opening, anchoring, on a particular chakras… To initiate the class, we will first give attention to your awareness then a basic pranayama (breathing) exercise. We will continue with a warm up and I will guide you to differents asanas (postures) with eventually variations of them before returning to peace at the end of the session.

Overview of some Yoga sessions indications.
Help reduce stress and live peacefully.
Help to be more present to yourself and to the world.
Entrance flexibility, reinforce your body.
lymphatic flow.
Open the doors of the indian culture with its philosophy and spirituality.

Guided meditation classes

Learn to manage anxiety, alleviate stress or pain, stimulate cerebral fonctions; meditation unveils its benefits during classes carefully designed by Muriel. Oneness’ meditation session can be guided with visualization or introduced by mantras chanting (sacred chants, support of the meditation, they allow us to put ourselves in resonance with the vibration and the resonance of the sound) or on the sound of Tibetan bowl (chanting bowls). Real practice of your mental capacities, meditation is an amazing approach to the benefits that Muriel reserve for her clientele in order to unite body and mind in its fullness.

Ancient practices and disciplines with undisputed virtues, the art of Yoga and meditation have naturally found their place within Oneness’s well-being services, for an overall handling of her privileged clientele.

Overview of meditation sessions indication.
Manage your
Maintain your
cerebral activity.
Better awareness
of your actions.

Rates of Yoga and meditation in home classes

Ability to move around France or abroad.