The comfort of at your door

professional massage

Have the luxury of a private masseuse, be able to relax and regenerate yourself, enjoy a unique sensory bracket, is the oath of Muriel, at your door professional massage therapist* since 15 years.

Her well-being expertise has been proved in prestigious SPA around the world which has allowed her to know how to be flexible and adaptable to the requirements and preferences of her multinational clientele. Precious skills that she require also from the « at your door » Oneness masseuses.

On her menu, massage types and other treatment list has given way for made to mesure treatments. Each individual being particular and unique deserve a session crafted around you, fully in line with your expectations. After carefully selected the ideal Bellefontaine cream or massage oil, the private masseuse starts to perform adjusted movements that only you will decide for how long.

Overview of some essential oils and creams.
Relaxing touch: :

Ylang ylang, Sweet orange, Lavander…

Tonifying touch: :

Pine tree, Tangerine, Bitter orange…

Slimming touch :

Grapefruit, Lemon…

Draining harmony :

Peppermint, Rosemary…

Muscle recovery :

Arnica, Lemon grass, Camphor…

Massage escape starts here

Ability to move around France or abroad.