Your well-being concierge

Your concierge

dedicated to well-being

Because well-being is the very essence of her job, Muriel proposes you to round up the unique experience of her in home massage, body or facial treatments, and manicure, beauty or nail procedure with a dedicate conciergerie service. From her multiple professional experiences in luxurious Spas and other prestigious establishment, the personal masseuse has collected a confidential address book. Talented hairdresser, wonderful make up artist, personal trainer or famous pilates teacher, as much valuable contacts that Muriel shall make available to her demanding clientele.

This well-being conciergerie comes in addition to Oneness’ services and blends perfectly with Muriel’s philosophy. Discretion, confidentiality, she has build relashionships with every possible type of well-being service supplier to ensure that everything we offer is done at the same high standards that we continually set ourselves in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu, Monaco, Nice and other towns around. Careful selection of your well-being service provider, fitness or beauty, connecting, organize and appointment setting, each step is handled by Oneness Conciergerie Service.

Commitment and philosophy.
Discretion, trust
& confidentiality.
of needs.
High of the range
service providers.
Overview of some services.
Make-up artist…
Yoga, Pilates,


Ability to move around France or abroad.